Our charities

Here’s a bit about our selected charities:

Refugee Council

“The Refugee Council is one of the leading charities in the UK working directly with refugees, and supporting them to rebuild their lives. We also speak up for refugees using our direct work as an evidence base, and ensure refugees have a stronger and more influential voice in decisions that will affect them. We work with a range of partners and in collaboration to ensure we can best support our clients.”

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(Quotation from Refugee Council website)

Save the Children

“Save the Children works in 120 countries. We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfil their potential.”

“Refugee children are frightened, homeless and many have witnessed unspeakable horrors. You can help them. Our teams are working across Europe and in the countries they are fleeing to provide aid and support.”

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(Quotations from Save the Children website)